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2021's Essential Technical SEO Tools that Generate Results!

2021's Essential Technical SEO Tools that Generate Results!

Most people often think SEO is all about on-site or off-site optimization that has to do with keywords, links, and content. Technical SEO gets overlooked most of the time. It involves optimization tweaks for the best chances of better ranking. There are a vast number of such SEO tools that can boost your search engine rankings. Let’s look at them.

SEO Tool Category

  • Technical SEO tools

These tools are designed to determine what improvements or changes are called for as far as technical SEO goes. It helps in solving your pursuit by thorough scrutiny of the website. They function mainly at the backend and resolve technical issues.

  • Keyword Analysis tools

This tool is essentially a suggestion tool adding diverse suggest services creating a thorough list of keywords for you. Basically, it comprehends your competitiveness in data.

  • Ranking tools

A ranking tool strives to impart the rankings that pursue your marketing strategies, return on investment, and analyze your web traffic.

  • Content effectiveness tools

This tool optimizes content quality. It ensures the audience engagement and manages to uplift your search engine rankings.

  • Link Building tools

Link building tools offer inbound links of quality and are indispensable for website marketing as also SEO programs to boost traffic and online sales.

  • Link removal tools

These tools aid in purging the links that you had posted in the past and now, unfortunately, these links have resulted in a negative effect on SEO.

30 Free Technical SEO Tools to Make SEO Easier

1. HeadMasterSEO

This is a small program for desktop (Mac or PC) that can rapidly check bulk URLs for status code, response time, redirect details, response headers, and HTTP header fields. The results can be analyzed, filtered, sorted in real-time, and exported to CSV. The tool is easy to use, is fast, and comes free for checking lists of URLs up to 500.

Technical SEO Tools

2. Screaming Frog

This tool helps in the identification of some of the basic issues you may have given a miss and which are important for SEO such as:

  • Missing page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords
  • Images that have large file sizes
  • Errors in canonicals, response codes, and URLs
  • Pagination issues
  • International SEO diagnosis

Technical SEO Tools

3. Google XML Sitemaps

Deploy this plugin to greatly scale up SEO to make special XML sitemaps that help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, and Bing. This enables better indexing of your site. Such a sitemap makes it easier for crawlers to see the full structure of your site and retrieve it efficiently.

Technical SEO Tools

4. Seobility

An online SEO software, Seobility optimizes your website better. It scans your entire website checking all linked pages by crawling. Pages with errors, glitches with on-page optimization, and duplicate content are gathered and displayed in individual check sections. Every project is crawled at all times, analyzed constantly and the optimization progress kept track of. A monitoring service updates you of your website’s status.

5. Moz

Moz offers a suite of user-friendly inbound marketing tools such as:

  • Moz Bar- Imparts know-how with respect to key Moz features about the opened page.
  • Moz local- The starting point for local SEO of any website.
  • Open Site Explorer- Employed to analyze backlinks and keep together link equity.
  • Followerwonk- Reveals data linked to social graphs and Twitter account

And a host of other tools.

6. Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools is a toolset for webmasters to optimize visibility and check your site’s indexing status. It helps you to figure out the goings-on of your website. By submitting sitemaps to Google to enable indexing of your site which will boost traffic.

Technical SEO Tools

7. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing is ranked second in terms of providing search engine traffic. So it would seem wasteful if you don’t capitalize on it even if it is 10%. It additionally provides tools like keyword research, SEO analyzer, inbound link reporting, and trends.

Technical SEO Tools

8. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is of help in providing SEO value to your website. It carries an amazing keywords list for your SEO projects. To use this tool, you will require a “Google Adwords account.” It permits us in arriving at decisions about which keywords can better your business.


9. Google Analytics

This is an outstanding tool that can measure SEO reports. In all probability, it is already installed on your website. It comes with the basic implementation that reveals how visitors use your site and also how you can keep drawing them back.

Technical SEO Tools

10. Ryte

This tool gives an overview of your site’s KPIs that reflect website health. It finds and corrects critical website errors that interfere with perfect website functioning. Ryte also imparts keyword suggestions and recommendations to improve your written content.

Technical SEO Tools

11. Lipperhey

This tool analyzes your website, tracks your keyword rankings and those of your competitors.

Technical SEO Tools

12. Website Grader by HubSpot

This free dashboard asks for the domain you intend to analyze and returns a full report card of that domain’s performance. The report card includes the site metrics such as performance, security, mobile, SEO, and more. This tool is a must for those keen to level up their site’s performance.

Technical SEO Tools

13. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool is essentially a web crawler that can help you improve onsite SEO. It extracts data and audits for common SEO issues. You can crawl up to 500 URLs with this free version.

Technical SEO Tools

14. Siteliner

Siteliner is another tool that detects duplicate content on your website. Just insert your domain and the tool crawls up to 250 pages. It indicates those pages that have duplicate content too.

Technical SEO Tools

15. Ranktank.org

Ranktank is an SEO tool that allows you to study keyword rankings relative to your domain. Another good feature is that it acts as a backlink monitor.

Technical SEO Tools

16. Serpfox

Serpfox is a user-friendly self-guiding interface. It permits location identification for your keywords to uncover the data you need. It provides notifications when important developments happen to your rankings.

Technical SEO Tools

17. Serplab

Organic SERPs count as natural results selected by the search engine. This tool is quite useful that finds your Google ranking through a SERP check. These checks are realtime and accurate as to the site ranking for different keywords.

Technical SEO Tools

18. SerpMojo

This tool tracks website performance among three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SERP monitoring is taken up to the next level. The ranking history of a keyword is depicted by visibility graphs. To sum it up, it ensures SEO research is up to date.

Technical SEO Tools

19. Woorank

Woorank is a fast, super user-friendly tool for digital marketing and SEO audit. It is a web-based tool and will deliver relevant and simple advice on optimizing your website.

Technical SEO Tools

20. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

For a website audit, discovering the mobile technical aspects of a website is critical. This tool will yield insights into the websites’ mobile implementation.

Technical SEO Tools

21. Google PageSpeed Insights

By a combination of speed metrics, for both desktop and mobile, Google PageSpeed Insights is a critical tool for getting page loading speed. It is a good starting point but is not without restrictions. It uses approximations that lead to part of the picture. To perform an exact analysis, different tools have to be employed to arrive at the full picture.

Technical SEO Tools

22. All in One SEO Pack

It’s open-source software, with high-end support to add upgraded features. Its primary goal is to optimize the website for SEO. The add-ons include XML sitemap and automatically generate meta tags.

Technical SEO Tools

23. Yoast SEO Plugin

It is a free plugin but to add some new features you need the paid version. With this plugin, duplicate content can be avoided by setting a canonical URL. It ensures your technical configuration unfolds optimally in the background. On top of it all, it retains a readability check of your written copy.

Technical SEO Tools

24. GTmetrix

GTMetrix is a report card of page speed providing a different viewpoint of page speed. By deep scrutiny into page requests, JavaScript, and CSS files that need to load, many elements can be cleaned up resulting in higher page speed.

Technical SEO Tools

25. SEO Site Checkup

It swiftly compiles the SEO reports for partner websites or clients. It undertakes an in-depth analysis of SEO issues and professional monitoring of SEO. It returns categorical SEO reports such as Specific SEO, white label SEO, and General SEO.

Technical SEO Tools

26. Topvisor

Foremost, Topvisor is a keyword tool, both suggesting and researching keywords for your site. It also is a rank tracking tool as well as functioning as a website auditor giving you a report card of the general health of your website and proposing solutions for improvement.

Technical SEO Tools

27. SEO PowerSuite

This is an outstanding pack of tools to manage any SEO task you can think of: conducting a technical audit, optimizing pages, hunting for keywords, monitoring their rankings, and a whole lot more. PowerSuite is a one-in-all toolset that is indispensable.

Technical SEO Tools

28. SEO Tools for Excel

Not many are aware that the versatile Excel is also an SEO tool. VLOOKUP, conditional formatting and more come into the picture here. With these Excel super tricks, one can easily accomplish an SEO audit. You just download the add-on, install it into excel and data will be imported directly from third party sources into Excel.

Technical SEO Tools

30. Merkle SEO Pagination Testing Tool

To permit search engines to view all your pages as a series, it is crucial that the pagination across a website is in order. Incorrect pagination is a problem with e-commerce sites as also news sites and blog sections.

Technical SEO Tools

5 Paid most effective technical SEO tools 

1. AHrefs

Ahrefs finds its principal role in keyword research, link building, content research, and monitoring the web. Summing it up, you can get to know what the keywords are that your competitors use that assist them in getting organic search results and the traffic these results bring.

Technical SEO Tools

2. SEMrush

SEMrush’s is highly acclaimed for accurate data leading to keyword research and other technical research. What makes it invaluable is its competitor analysis data. If you dig deep enough into an analysis of a competitor, the market analysis and ranking data can come as a surprise. These insights can be put to use to tailor your strategy and take a lead over the competition.

Technical SEO Tools

3. Majestic

This tool stands tall in the SEO industry with exclusive linking insights. Like Ahrefs, it can find linking patterns by examining a site’s full link profile. It is an advanced tool with reliability extensively used by web developers and SEO analysts. Majestic promotes quality backlinking, keyword researching, and more.

Technical SEO Tools

4. Brightlocal

If you operate a website for local business, SEO needs to involve local SEO significantly for link acquisition efforts. Brightlocal steps in here. Strictly, it is not a technical SEO tool but its application helps in discovering technical hitches with the site’s local SEO profile. It allows you to audit, clean, and build citations to the most common citation sites.

Technical SEO Tools

5. RankWatch

Rankwatch will inform you in seconds by email triggers were it to encounter keyword fluctuations. This enables you to keep a watch on all of your keywords without wasting time fishing around for position fluctuations of your keywords.

Technical SEO Tools


There are many categories in SEO tools. We have showcased some of the more popular technical SEO tools that will make your SEO easily performable and your website visibility lifted.

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