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What Is Tiered Backlink?

What Is Tiered Backlink?

Tiered Backlink Explained

For those struggling to get a higher rank and receive an increasing quantity of traffic to a website, tiered backlink can be a magical thing to get busy with. Neither too simple nor too complicated, the strategy is not beyond anyone’s measures.

In lieu of building websites that link back to you (low authority websites) for the sole purpose of building backlinks, you use guest posts on authoritative websites to link back to another guest post written by you in the same niche. You may be asking Where does my website link appear in all this story?

We will get there. In the first tier, you will mention your website. However, the second tier will only strengthen the first one to make the backlink to your website stronger. Instead of building two backlinks, you build just one – a quite powerful one, at that. There are many things to be said about tiered link building, so let’s get to it!

What do we not call tiered backlink building?

You are probably thinking to yourself, “I don’t need to wreck my nerves trying to find authoritative websites and then get rejected because my content is not good enough. You could just use the old trick: buy expired domains and then create content on those websites that will strengthen each other, and then point the first tier to my website.”

You are right. You could do that. But that is a black hat technique that will get you penalized. Creating websites that you use as tiers is not white hat tiered link building, and it most likely buries your website on page 10. If you want to rank higher, you will have to be able to produce high-quality content that is accepted by authoritative websites in your niche. That is the secret to tiered link building.

Tiered link building is all about guest posting on authoritative websites. You choose your first tier and the other websites point at it, while only the first-tier points at you. This is a white hat technique that can put you on the first page of Google when done properly.

From a black hat perspective:

You’re not doing anyone any harm. You aren’t wasting electricity for something useless like spamming either. Your tier 2 posts are helping the owners of those sites. By building contextual links to your high-quality tier 1 guest posts, you’ll please the site’s in which you posted those posts, as you’ll not be the only person benefiting from that as those links will help drive the overall Domain Authority of those domains higher. Your content helps three parties in total: you, your tier 1 sites, your tier 2 sites.

How to find websites who are interested in your content?

An easy way to find your first tier is to look at Google trends in your niche. You could also perform a keyword search and pick between the first websites ranking for that keyword. The first tier must be the most powerful. The second should have a domain authority ranked at least 30. Keep in mind that in tiered link building the second website strengthens the first, and only the first has a link back to your website.

There are several ways to approach tiered backlink building. You can search for broken links in those websites and promise to replace them with working links to your content. You can create an infographic that goes well with their content and then add a description to it which contains your link on your first tier.

There are several approaches to guest posting. But no matter what you do, provide value. It makes the website owner you are pitching to happy, it makes Google happy, and it probably makes you smile too. AND, this is probably the logical conclusion to a primary overview of tiered backlinks.


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