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Press Releases for Marketing: Pros & Cons

Press Releases for Marketing: Pros & Cons

Press Releases: Should or Shouldn’t?

As soon as you have decided to actualize a public relation strategy for your business, it is time to give these publications a serious thought. Press releases are a powerful tool to help spread your message across a broad group of audience. Press releases for marketing are no unmixed blessings but one of the conventional ways to initiate the launch of a product or service.

Advantages of Press Releases

As a conveyer of your message

You want your news to reach out front to people with press release distribution. For many businesses, it has been possible to earn success by submitting a press release to the famous wire and make sure its submission to numerous publications, and then reposting to other online locations.

As a contributor to link building

Press releases for marketing help build links. Even when a small press release does not necessarily help with SEO, the editorial coverage that you get from them will bring great benefits to your SEO. Ensure that you include keywords that you want to rank for your releases. So, when journalists see the release, they will include some of these keywords, particularly if they pull quotable snippets form you to include in their coverage.

As an information hub for journalists

Press releases help journalists check information. When you make a press release, all the information you want journalists to know about your business is in one place. Even external documents, like research documents and presentations, are available in a press release, making it easy for journalists to find and accurately reference all the information they need to write their story about you.

As something to your message like what a refinery to a winery

Press releases refine your messaging. As you put your press release together, you need to ensure that you have nailed the message for the announcement to ensure maximum exposure. It is the place everyone will go to get the story and cite important data points. Once you have refined the message of your release, you are giving the right message for all other content creators to draw upon.

Disadvantages of Press Releases

No help for your SEO

Press releases for marketing may not be directly helpful to your SEO. They can only help SEO if there is added editorial content published as a result of your press release. However, despite popular belief that press releases help your SEO efforts, they actually will not help as much as you think. Google experts say that verifying your SEO ranking in Google will not increase once a press release is posted.

Poor potentiality for outreach

Press releases will not improve your communication with customers. Press releases might get the attention of journalists, but it is very unlikely that it will reach your target audience. Customers like to read information in a way that feels natural and is easy to digest, like blog posts or news stories. The press release template takes longer to read and is usually harder to understand.

No measurable success

Press releases are hard to measure. Data is the main method marketers prove success to the rest of their department and business. However, unlike others parts of your marketing strategy, press releases are very hard to measure, so it is hard to prove if they are successful or not.

Not cost-effective

Press releases are not cost-effective. Posting a single press release can cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars. Most of the time, they are not picked up by journalists and are just reposted on other websites. They have become a little outdated as public relation relies more on building relationships with the media instead of sending press releases to journalists you might not even know.

Despite all these setbacks, press releases for marketing were important, is still and will be useful if businesses know how to create and spread them across the right channels.


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