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Media Planning & Buying

Successful Media Planning With Adept Digital Consultants

Digital Media Agency Services At Doodle Digital

It is easy to find someone who is an expert and will tell you that you are doing great. But, we are not like those people who just avoid the truth and lead your brand to an unknown future. As a digital media agency, we can transform all your promotional and organizing efforts into an integrated approach to achieve sustainable success. So, who are we?

Your media consultants?

  • Yes, if you can accept that we will always tell you what is TRUE about your business.
  • Yes, if you let us write your social media management POLICY and STRATEGY.
  • Yes, if you allow us to analyze your data and integrate your DIGITAL CONTENT.
  • Yes, if you need us to handle MEDIA PLANNING AND BUYING for you.
  • Yes, if you permit us to wear different HATS (SEO, Advertising, Web Management, Social Media) while working toward a common goal called SUCCESS.


  • No, if you want us to believe 10 LIKES are going to bring what you want.
  • No, if you always want us to tell “Everything’s just fine.
  • No, if you believe we are a sleazy digital media agency that can work without understanding your products, audience, and goals.

We take your Social Media into serious considerations

We do not let you rejoice seeing just a hundred likes or shares. Even, we do not feel our job is well done if your page is getting higher counts of views than before in a just a few days after we have started working. We focus on improve your social metrics by targeting and engaging quality traffic consisting of enthusiastic followers, visitors, and potential buyers.

We handle the media planning and buying duty with great caution

It is indeed a set of tasks that include making strategy, negotiation, purchases, and plans for digital inventory and ad placements. Everything before and after the initial purchases is included in our set of responsibilities. We keep doing the required optimization to ensure that the purchases are yielding an expected level of performance throughout the lifecycle of the campaign.

As you have a brand to work for and talk about, we take into consideration all your social media and online efforts and work to make them translate to the ultimate growth of your business.

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