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Just write “effective social media marketing strategies” or something similar and hit enter. What do you see? Google or Bing has come up with countless links pointing toward several social media marketing ideas. Adopting the most popular marketing strategies using social media seems a good step. But, how much good is really good for you? Among the so-called effective social media marketing strategies, the one that consistently delivers you new conversions, customers, and sales is the only good strategy you would want to use for your brand. Where will you find such a goal-driven social media marketing strategy? How do you supercharge your social media? You are just where you need to be.

Determining Objectives

The heart of effective social media marketing strategies is a set of goals that companies work hard to achieve. Once you have decided to work with us; our experts will discuss the overall prospects and social media needs of your business. Then, they will determine specific and relevant goals that are both measurable and attainable, and of course, bound to a specific timeframe. Confused?

For Facebook, we will create content and share photos that clearly communicate the culture and goals of your business. We will post two pieces of content and relevant photos each week, one on Monday and another on Thursday. We aim at getting at least 50 likes and 10 comments for each post and the accompanying photos. This is just an example. We can do even more for you.

Quality? Quantity? Or Both

In a word, a mix of both. From our studies of the user demographics, we have learned one thing that people keep reading or sharing content that speaks to their heart, humor, feelings, and needs. For the past few years, we have done this (a little of both quantity and quality) several times and met great success.  We have also seen that people want to get their favorite things almost daily, and sometimes, several times a day.

We take this opportunity to instill the image of your brand into the audience through careful yet smart content development strategy, which is a very good part of effective social media marketing strategies. Among the posts we make for your social media development, promotional content makes twenty percent while educational content makes the rest.  We create buyer personas and try to find out what customers believe is important for them.

Our promotional content includes call-to-action text with useful information that customers would find useful. The information can be an offer of discount or a piece of very relevant information or statistics. We try to bring in influencer content that resonates with your business. Sometimes, we provide content that is written by an industry expert whose goal remains focused on helping people persuasively.

Post Scheduling

To do this job properly, we have to know when your followers, subscribers, or target audiences are online. As said in the previous lines, we study user behaviors, interests, likes, dislikes, reactions, etc. to learn what specific time of the day is liked most by the majority of your followers. When people get something interesting every time they visit your page or attempt to see what new thing you have presented, the likelihood of success increases.

We adopt the most advanced technique and tool to know when your audiences are online and how long they spend on the different social media channels. Even we use efficient tools to handle bulk posting.

How do we engage with followers

To be honest, we have a set of very special techniques to ensure greater engagement with followers. Before working on this, we have several essentials in place, such as the socializing habits, interests, attentions, needs, and interactions of the followers. Combining insights from all these elements, we prepare a very detailed engagement plan that makes a crucial part of our effective social media marketing strategies.

We spend some time to look at the competitors

Your competitors, both knowingly and unknowingly, offer a way to know what works best for you and what lowers the prospect of your brand. We include this as a critical step in our social media strategy outline. Before we even start applying any minor step, we observe how particular techniques are working for your competitors. We check into the content, media components, conversations, and other social interactions found on the pages/profiles of your competitor businesses. By doing this, we may know about the unforeseeable future of your brand’s social media presence.

We track changes, progress, and the overall performance 

Since we love to call ours some of the most effective social media marketing strategies, we put together a lot of small details to make the whole thing work to your benefit. We keep an eye on every little and subtle changes in your social media metrics and take the required actions decisively to ensure that success comes on time. We can create a well-thought strategy for social media marketing for your business anytime leaving you only one task to do. We just want to know what you have to tell.

Important Highlights

  • Goal Setting
  • Mix of Quality & Quantity
  • Social Media Content Management
  • User Engagement Techniques
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring

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