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How To Viral A Video?

How To Viral A Video?

Steps Required to Viral A Video

Do you want to make a video so popular that you can call it a viral piece? Then, read the following lines with patience. You have the right recipe with the right type and amount of ingredients. With all these in place, the only thing you can expect that the entire culinary process will become easier. The first few times you take an approach to get the cooking right will be challenging and so misleading that you have to wait for some time. So, you want to make a video viral? Let’s get straight to the real business.

Keep your video sweet and short

Short videos are good to become inspirational, educative, and engaging. For longer videos, you need to consider why you are going to spend so much of your time on something that is expensive and potentially not so effective for your purposes. But, it does not mean that longer videos are just bad. They are equally and sometimes more beneficial just when you are sure the video has a real value to offer your customers or viewers. Thus, you take the initial steps right to make a video viral.

Work to spread a single message

Content that sounds simple, demonstrates clear, and feels succinct are really wonderful. For a high conversion copy or landing page, it is substantial. For a blog article that is super shareable, it is even more credible. For a potentially viral video, the fact is not only true but also compelling. Move ahead with a single message. Do not confuse your viewers with multiple messages which they find difficult to connect or understand.

Make the title short, interesting, and symmetrical to your brand’s purposes. Attention! About 50% of all video marketers fail to use a title that works. Use trendy, relevant keywords to optimize the video for search engines and video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

Offer value

Nothing works better than something in the world of the Internet that provides value. Create videos that are intrinsically useful to people who you consider as your audience. No matter if you are trying to inform, educate or entertain. Adding values should be your central focus.

Be wary of format

Increase the likelihood of your video’s being viral by optimizing and modifying it for mobile devices and social sharing. The right format is critical to the acceptance of your videos on social media platforms. Be sure to keep the video at optimal resolutions with great sound. However, do not allow bigger file size.

Thumbnails matter

A catchy thumbnail satisfies the curiosity and simultaneously draws the attention of thousands of your potential viewers. Don’t fake this chance. A lot of video makers or spammy marketers use incorrect or duplicate thumbnails that ultimately end in the loss of genuine subscribers or future customers. Try to make thumbnail become the essence of your video so that viewers do not have to wait to get a grasp of what you are going to show them. It’s a compulsion if you have to make a video viral.

Be careful about the use of text.

Some unconscious video marketers use text, compelling though, so unwisely that viewers feel distracted by the text. Sometimes, the text, even though it’s useful, does not look clear. Remember, the text does not look great on some screens. Try to avoid using content this way. If you have to do it anyway, be serious about making a transition between the text and video content, so viewers do not feel like being lost in either of them.

Remember that you can never know how long it will take you to make a video viral. But, you go through trials and errors while sticking to the job, and that’s what is going to work in the end.


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