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Want to know about Twitter Ads?

Want to know about Twitter Ads?

Fast Facts About Twitter Ads

Twitter has currently over 330 million monthly users including 100 million daily active users who send 500 million tweets every 24 hours. Twitter is a social platform used to get the latest news and trends from around the world. Businesses can take advantage of Twitter advertisements to gain more followers for brand awareness, to drive people to their website, and to generate leads!

Growth of a Follower Base:

Twitter Ads can be run strictly to gain more followers and to build a community base online. Followers have a chance to engage with a business and vice versa. Twitter followers cannot only share a businesses’ content with their friends, but they can also make purchases online. A small business study was conducted in 2014, which found that Twitter followers could help achieve substantial sales and reach for a business.

Once an account starts to gain more followers, it is essential that the business engage with them. Some of the popular ways to engage with an audience is to ask open-ended questions that can lead to a conversation. Another way to interact with followers is to post about real time trends so that followers have something to relate to. New Belgium Brewing Company did an excellent job of creating an ad during “Shark Week” to capture more followers and become a part of the conversation.

Traffic Gathering:

Twitter allows businesses to reach a specific audience tailored to a target demographic. When it comes to Twitter Ads, target people by location, gender, keywords, followers, interest, behaviors and more! Location can be broken down by country, state, and postal code. This allows even small local businesses to take advantage of advertisements to reach their target audience.

Another feature advertisers need to take advantage of is to add keywords. Twitter allows advertisers to add keywords to target searches or users that may need your product or service. For example, a local coffee shop could target ads specifically to people that are tweeting about coffee. Twitter allows advertisers to add broad match, phrase match, negative unordered match, and negative phrase match keywords. The keyword match type is very similar to the types of keywords used for a SEM Campaign.

Another Twitter ads feature that must not be overlooked is the Add Followers feature. This feature allows a business to add followers that may be interested in its products or services. Advertisers may also add competitors’ twitter handles to try to reach their following.

Lead Generation:

At the end of the day what do all businesses want to achieve from ads? LEADS! Twitter allows businesses to add a Lead Generation Card to a promoted tweet, which allows users to share their contact information so a business can connect with them later. Getting an email address from a potential consumer can help with the success of an email marketing campaign. In order to get an email address from a consumer, the business must first make engaging content or do an exclusive offer to make people feel special.

Twitter, like many other social media platforms, lets businesses run advertisements to reach an audience likely to have an interest in their business. It is important that businesses take advantage of Twitter ads as they are an easy way to increase brand awareness while also generating more leads and driving traffic to their website.


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