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Search Engine Marketing

Your Journey To The Top Doesn’t Have To Be Impossible

Search Engine Marketing Services at Doodle Digital

Doodle Digital is a professional search engine marketing agency that specializes in creating data-driven, targeted SEM campaigns. We build our campaigns from scratch or audit and redesign existing campaigns that didn’t work for you. 

Our search engine marketing solutions will help your site rank faster. We target the keywords that ensure the best ROI for you. Whether you’re an e-store in search of more organic traffic or an SaaS firm struggling to keep its place in the competetive market, our specialists can show you real results. 

Making Your Site Findable

Search engines are not humans, and they do not know you. Unless you do and include the things search engines use to find websites, all your efforts will become useless. What are the essentials?

  • A logical site STRUCTURE is a must.
  • Use of RSS/Atom Feeds and XML sitemap saves you the day GOOGLE CRAWLS.
  • Use of Schema Markup helps Google better interpret your site CONTENT.
  • Featured snippets are getting popular as they will likely provide for Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, or Siri.

How  We Handle UX Metrics

We consider a number of factors, site speed and mobile responsiveness being on top of all. Here is how we proceed.

  • We add a lot of custom functions professionally and aesthetically to make sure users find your site quite easily and their experience is simply amazing.
  • We take and successfully overcome the challenge of increasing SITE SPEED.
  • We adopt timely techniques to improve click-through rates and user engagement.
  • We suggest HTTP/2 as the new NETWORK PROTOCOL that may get you some ranking boost.

Mobile Users Now Rule the Internet World

People love their smartphones when it comes to any kind of experience on the internet.

  • We achieve 100% RESPONSIVENESS so that nobody has to zoom apply extra effort to read the content.
  • We assure that the mobile site loads as fast as Google deems as a standard.
  • We keep both metadata and structured data available for both mobile desktop versions of your site.

Good news!!! We use the fairly new ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES (AMP) technology. This approach makes our efforts to improve UX more authentic and trustworthy to Google. With this, we ensure the following outcomes.

  • 400% FASTER page load (Less than ONE second)
  • Higher CLICK-THROUGH rates
  • Higher rates for AD VIEWABILITY plus
  • Google’s hidden APPRECIATION.

Now, the Biggest Part - Paid Search

This is the flow of work we undertake when setting an affordable yet effective Paid Search program.

  • We assess the challenge(s), from the most critical to the minor.
  • We thoroughly observe and discuss the competitive landscape.
  • We set goal(s) and create budget planning.
  • We develop a detailed policy that incorporates how we run the paid search program and which principle we will follow to achieve the goal(s).
  • Finally, we make an action plan that entails each initiative, optimization technique, and the way to coordinate our work procedure.

Thinking if we are equally careful and sincere when we have to deliver low cost SEO services for small business?

The answer is YES!!!

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