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Ranger Expert Earned $3989.02 in One Month!

Here is how we helped Ranger Expert dominate the hunting niche online


Ranger Expert was launched by a group of outdoor enthusiasts based in the USA. This passionate team wanted to share their extraordinary experiences and times spent in nature with the global audience. 

In the meantime, they wanted to honestly review different types of outdoor gear and get commissions that could allow them to afford more outdoor essentials for more adventures. 

They did the right thing right from the scratch - they hired us. 

First we spent a lot of time together brainstorming how to make it work and then prepared a detailed plan. We immediately got to work and did what we’re best at - doing wonders

Ranger Expert Earned $3989.02 in One Month!

Our Strategy


Niche Research

We researched the top competitors in the niche, keywords used by them, their backlinks, and a number of other factors to have an idea about how long Ranger Expert would need to have a strong presence in their target niche.

Earning Page Keyword Research

We did thorough keyword research to look for potential buying pages as well as blogs that would do well as soon as we ready the posts. We targeted 20 buying pages and 40 blogs that we prepared in around 2 months with our content writing team.

Website design and development

It didn’t take long for our web developers to choose a domain name and a hosting platform, and design a visually attractive, user-friendly website that would give the visitors a memorable experience.

Site launch

Within 3 months, we made Ranger Expert ready for launch. On July 01, 2019 we launched the site with a lot of expectations.

SEO implementation

Soon after the launch of the website, we focused on on-page and off-page SEO and started monitoring results. We made the necessary updates whether for content or for site design or SEO to ensure we get the best results .

The Results

Guess what, by the end of the year, its performance exceeded all of our expectations. At it’s 5 months of age, the owners made $4000 in just one month alone (December, 2019)!


Wondering about the traffic? The number of monthly visitors on the 3rd month of the site launch (October) was 47,000

We’re still working with Ranger Expert and the results are getting better every passing month!

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