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Drillly’s One Blog Saw 18.4K Visitors in a Month !

A year earlier it was just 1.59K in the same time period

Drillly has been a valued client of ours for many years. We’ve accompanied them all throughout their journey in the world of the internet, right from developing the platform to creating content to SEO to online marketing and many more. With our help, they are now an authority site dominating the niche of woodworking and metalworking. 

Here is an example of how well an article written by our creative content writers ranked in a period of one year.

The article was published in January, 2019 and as you can see, it saw 1.59K visitors in February. The number of visitors kept growing over time and in the same month next year, the total number of traffic amounted to 18.4K!

We’ve numerous such analytics to show you! Take this one for example

With this keyword - types of vise - Google ranked our content for their featured snippet.

Not only that, our high-quality content also ranks well on the People Also Ask (PAA) section. 

Here’s an example from our another valued client Ranger Expert (Check out their extraordinary success story with Doodle Digital)

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