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Is Social Media Changing Our Lifestyle?

Is Social Media Changing Our Lifestyle?

Effects of Social Media on Our Life

In a word, YES. Billions of people across the countries of the world are using one or another social media network every day. A large portion of them use the networks for just one purpose called socializing. Another fair share of the users is working to make a living using the platforms. The multifaceted uses of different social networks are the reasons why these virtual platforms are being overwhelmingly popular.

People are talking, sharing, showing, working, and meeting on these media. Why wouldn’t we even raise a debate whether or not social media is affecting our way of life? The only question that befits this context is how.In short, IN MANY WAYS. Keep reading.NICE to have is an obsolete idea.

If you look at a business that has its own vision, you will see social networks has gained a much higher position in the operational strategy of that business. Once, businesses used to feel that having access to a great media like Facebook or Twitter is good. Ask them the same question. The likely reply is going to be like this, Having a familiarity on any virtual network is an essential thing to ensure. So, nothing surprising the fact should be if you hear that your friend, once a Facebook enthusiast, has built a great career.

BANKS of future is not a thing of the distant future. The ultimate thing first! It won’t be an unbelievable thing to know that these networks are going to have an impact on people’s prospects to get a loan. Banking relationships are being heavily transformed by these media. Think about customer service or online money transactions. Many things from ‘this’ to ‘that’ of the financial landscape have a greater chance of being transformed, and social media will likely be the major player.

Change in HEALTHCARE delivery is only a matter of time. If you ask which factor outside the public health domain is mostly responsible for the changes in healthcare in recent times, the interference of social media is the only answer we have found after comprehensive research sessions. A large number of people find social channels convenient and proactive to share their information quite rapidly.

Health experts may not be available all the time. Social platforms being two-way places allow nonmedical persons to share what they know about a particular health condition. However, there are controversies regarding the authenticity of information shared by non-experts.

Although this transmission of information seems positive, it is not free of its setback. Such an opportunity ushers the flow of misinformation. But, health agencies can always take countermeasures to tackle the situation. Proper plan to share information and stop the flow of wrong information can be the priority of health agencies to be of help to the community dependent on them. The new home to GOVERNANCE is real.

Social media has transformed civic engagement and participation. Citizens can become the initial source of plans, initiatives, and ideas in a more interactive way than before. More and more influential people and leaders are expected to embrace transparent governance as social channels have made it easy for them to interact and cooperate with their constituents.

In addition, social media is consistently aiding us in responding more promptly to different calamities and disasters. Human rights violations are now being watched across the globe without the interreference of conventional news media. Thus, social media platforms are having remarkable impacts upon the continual changes in our lifestyle.


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