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Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing You Didn't Know About

Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing You Didn't Know About

You Surely Have Heard That Content Is King, but Why?

This is exactly where the need to discuss the benefits of content marketing arises. If you are not making good use of this opportunity, you are surely missing out on a lot in your business. 

Here we will see how a killer content marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals and why you should reap all the benefits that this form of online marketing has to offer.


What Makes Content Marketing So Important?

Content marketing focuses on grabbing the attention of your audience with relevant content in form of texts, visuals, and infograps, and possibly have a lasting impact so they really connect with your brand.

Articles, blog posts, videos, and captions are the most popular examples of content marketing today. Such a strategic marketing approach has now become more important than ever because it helps fulfill the queries of the audience, whatever comes to their mind. 

User-friendly, informative content also helps strengthen the relationships between a business entity and its customers. Since content marketing is a great way to educate your audience, you should promote your content in such a way that it can reach as many target customers as possible.

Content Marketing Benefits by the Numbers


1. You  get  three times more leads per dollar from content marketing [1]

2. 61% of consumers declared that they purchased something that they read about in a blog

3. 56% of marketers say blogging is super effective while 10% of them admit it’s the largest ROI generator [3]

4. The average cost for content marketing is up to 41% less than paid search [4]

5. 66% of marketers planned to increase their budget for content marketing in 2022 [5]

6. 60% of marketers say content marketing helps build loyalty with their existing customers. 70% say that this approach helps them educate their audience [6]

7. The cost of content marketing is 62% less than traditional marketing [7]

8. In 2016, 95% of B2B product and service buyers said that they considered content as a trustworthy marker when they evaluated a business [8]

9. 67% of people stated that they depended more on content throughout the pandemic to research and make purchase decisions than they did before [9]

10. 27 million content pieces are shared every day [10]

11. 68% of consumers read content from brands they are interested in [11]

12. 44% of B2B consumers claim they read on average of three to five content pieces before they finally engage with a vendor [2]

13. 82% of consumers have a positive impression on a brand after they read customized content to their unique needs  [12]

Content Marketing Benefits

1. Social media engagement


Your audience that finds clever, helpful, entertaining, or powerful content on your site turns into loyal customers and advocates for your brand. They are the people who turn the table for your marketing ROI.

Brand advocates follow you on different social platforms and engage with your business sincerely. They share your content with others and make recommendations, which ultimately adds new voices to promote your brand.  

2. Higher conversion rates

The conversion rate of super effective content marketing campaigns is higher than most other forms of marketing strategies out there.

Targeted and trusting consumers are more likely to buy from your brand than those who are tempted by a clickbait headline or a short, catchy ad.

People will only purchase from your brand when they have trust in it, which is developed over time with authoritative content.

3. SEO and traffic boost

Google rewards your site with better rankings when you create relevant and useful content that answers the queries of your customers.

Backlinks from high-authority sites also help reinforce the trust that Google has in your site. Keep in mind that these websites only accept content that is unique and data-driven to engage and inspire the readers.

4. Create brand awareness


Brand awareness isn’t just about your audience knowing the existence of your brand but their understanding of what makes your business entity different from others. 

Powerful content allows you to make a lasting impression and the things your brand represents to your audience. Your content needs to highlight what separates your brand from others to create this distinction. 

Making valuable content for your site helps represent yourself as an expert in your industry. You also establish your authority when your competitors and other authority bodies start citing you as a source of information.

5. Cost-effective marketing

Content marketing allows you to deliver niche-specific messages to customers who are most likely to buy your service or product. This allows you to reduce costs since you don’t need to form a spin-generated ad campaign that is costly.

Social media is perhaps the best way to do content marketing ona budget. The very nature of these platforms encourages frequent communication so people share their thoughts on your products or services with each other.

You want to find out which networks are most applicable to your customer demographics to expand your social media presence.

6. Establish E-A-T


E-A-T is an acronym that sums up what Google wants to see from all websites. The search engine wants to see expertise, trust, and authority in your content, so you need to especially work in these areas.

Useful and data-driven blog posts help earn reliable brand mentions from high-authority sites, which enhances E-A-T and strengthens SEO as a result.

7. Multiple learning formats to connect with the audiences

Every customer has their unique needs and there’s no universal format to suit them all at once. 

You will find some customers who are visual learners while others are readers. Some may like skimming through the bullet points while others may just check a video. 

The benefit of content marketing is that it allows you to keep your message and values consistent throughout all forms of content to meet the different customer needs.

8. Brand loyalty and brand affinity

A close relationship with your audience builds up when your brand offers the right content at the exact time they are looking for.

You help your customers find solutions or provide additional information they didn’t know they needed. The content gives your visitors a set of tools that they can use when they navigate their interests.

Your target audience becomes emotionally engaged in your brand when you pair your content with a hilarious or sassy brand personality.  You become the brand that people rely on to find quality information and make them eager to tell others about when your content marketing strategies. Such a sense of trust helps generate loyalty for your brand.

9. Content assets are reusable

Reusing and repurposing content in other formats generates more value for your brand. An effective strategy makes it easy for your brand to be present where your customers frequently visit online. The whole process also costs less than an ad budget.

Here are some great ways to repurpose a single content:

  • Create a Twitter thread to highlight the main points
  • Add graphics to the content that you can reuse on different social media and article directory platforms
  • Use content as the basis for a podcast episode, video script, or webinar
  • Use a copy of the content in email marketing


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